Recycle the Regalia which you no longer require and help a Brother

The Metropolitan Grand Almoner is pleased to announce that Preloved Regalia is an outlet for the recycling of Masonic Regalia which is no longer required. 

Welcome to the preloved regalia web site, the regalia recycling centre for Metropolitan Grand Lodge. Our objectives are to find a home for all Regalia of all Orders, when no longer needed by their owners, at the same time raising money for the Metropolitan Masonic Charity (MMC).

It is a free Service run by Masons for Masons. A Service  which has no costs and all monies received go the MMC.

Donated regalia is sold at an attractive price to all those who are members of the Masonic community. Should the price of an item be outside your budget, we are happy discuss and agree a price that is acceptable to that budget. Benevolence and Charity are our key guides.

We would encourage all our Brethren to donate any regalia for any order, that is no longer required, to Preloved Regalia. Secretaries, Scribes, Recorders and Almoners of any Order, can play a very important and vital role by discussing with their members and widows how they might wish to dispose of a Brother’s regalia and championing this charitable initiative.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, give us a call or email us. It may well be in stock, waiting to be put up on the site.


Formation in Oct 2015


Presenting £7,000 to the MMC in March 2017

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